Our services

Our company is specialized in design, manufacturing and technical assistance for industrial automation and robotics.

Design, manufacturing and business consulting

Our technicians, CAD designers and consultants are aimed to the highest possible quality and work in compliance with national and international standards.

Industrial Automation

Our company is able to provide design, production and technical assistance services for industrial automation, complying with the highly demanding and always different requests from customers to “move their business”


Robotics, nowadays, represents the most advanced response to handling’s needing. Furthermore, in the era of Industry 4.0, the importance of human-robot cooperation is the primary factor which brought to the birth of COBOTs, new collaborative robots.
Starting here new ideas come to life and they are moved thanks to LAMECCANO.

Turn-key industrial plants

Plenty of experiences in Italy and abroad, in cooperation with national and international companies, allowed LAMECCANO to deal with any kind of matter, starting from the design up to system realization and installation at the end customer’s facility.
All in all, LAMECCANO is oriented oriented to provide turn-key systems in compliance with all applicable regulations, satisfying the highest quality standards and all the requirements of Industry 4.0


LAMECCANO S.r.l. has been a partner for international groups as a supplier of semi-finished products, with processes that have been entirely studied, developed and implemented internally


LAMECCANO also offers the after-sales services for scheduled maintenance and deals with all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to existing plants, including revamping for technological modernization.


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